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Millions of Ads from 167 Countries

Spot the latest Facebook marketing trends when browsing literally millions of ads. Don't worry you can target by advertiser, date and country.

You can see what ads are trending and we even allow you to click through to the post itself so you can read the comments and watch the social stats go up.

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Powerful Search Options Make Finding Easy

Find exactly the ads you are looking for by searching for popular keywords within ads.

Then sord those ads by date, shares, likes and comments to really find the best ads to grow your own campaign.

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Video Ads Make Money

Images are great but video is better, or at least it can be if you can made videos ads that work on Facebook. It's not TV.

The fastest growing category of Facebook ads is video and with a better idea of what kind of video ads your audience responds too and the ability to learn video ad strategies from the best companies, you can get more videos made that bring in profit with confidence.

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Save The Best For Later

Having access to millions of ads in one tool is great but you need a way to organise those ads for when you switch gears into ad creation mode.

We make this easy with favorite lists! Just create a list for example solar or skin care and favorite the ads you want to see or show your staff later.

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